Why Should You Quit Smoking

Why you need an awesome plan

This is an awesome plan of attack for quitting smoking and if you follow it exactly you will have no problems quitting. Plus, this plan is pretty much free. I am not selling you products or services here. This worked for me and I was a hard core smoker who was addicted in the worst way.

So lets get to it.

Nobody quits smoking on their first try. It is almost impossible. The reason for this is quite simple: everyone underestimates how tough it will be. At least initially they do. When they have never even tried to go through with it cold turkey, the have no idea what they are even up against. It is not impossible and of course it can be done, but nearly everyone underestimates the task at first.

Most people have tried to quit smoking several times, in fact. I think I read a statistic once that the average smoker has tried to quit six times. Of course, some have never tried at all.

Many people who have tried to quit initially tried to go it alone, cold turkey. This is actually not a bad strategy, and I believe that anyone who is persistent with the cold turkey method will eventually prevail. But most do not believe that they can actually do it. And so they give up on cold turkey and believe that they need more help, so they might try the patch or the gum or something. But their hearts are still not really in it, and when those methods fail them, then they really get discouraged.

I know what all of this feels like because I went through it myself. I failed to quit smoking over and over again, using a variety of different techniques. At some points, I sort of just threw up my arms and resigned myself to be a smoker.

This is the worst thing you can do. Instead, you need to make a commitment to yourself, right now, that you are going to become an ex-smoker, and start enjoying all the freedom that comes along with it. Make a promise to yourself right now that you will stop at absolutely nothing until you achieve this goal. This is the most important thing in your life, by far. Fix this, and a whole world of opportunity and freedom will open up to you. Just consider 3 benefits of quitting, although there are many more:

1) Save money. Smokers spend thousands each year on cigarettes (not to mention tens of thousands in future medical bills).

2) Save time. The average smoker spends just under 1 full month out of every year engaged in the act of smoking cigarettes. Imagine how much more time you will have.

3) Mental obsession. Smokers lose mental energy every single day, mentally obsessing over when to smoke their next cigarette, where to smoke it, how many they have left, etc.

There are other benefits, but these 3 are enormous. They represent 99 percent of the time and

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