Hypnotherapy Quit Smoking

There exists a number of ways to quit smoking, from could turkey to different types of slow cessation. Let’s consider hypnotherapy and see whether it is helpful and if it can make you you’re your smoking habit. What about hypnotherapy quit smoking as a means to stop your cigarette habit?  Can this be a helpful technique to help you to quit, or is it just a gimmick that people use to make money off of desperate quitters?

In my experience, quit smoking hypnotherapy is more than just a gimmick, it really does help people to quit.  Some of the hardest cases that I have seen have been hard core smokers of several decades that I did not think had a good chance at quitting smoking.  These people were successful using hypnosis to quit.  I dont know the status of all of these people today, but I know of at least one who is still smoke free after several years, and he used hypnotherapy as his primary means of quitting.

Now if your idea is that you want to quit smoking, and you are going to rely on hypnosis to be your magic bullet, then that might be a bit misguided.  Understand that no quit smoking technique, including hypnotherapy, can really make you want to quit smoking.  None of these methods or quit smoking aids can really give you the desire to stop smoking.  You have to want it for yourself, from deep down inside you.and then these techniques and therapies can help.  Most people can look back at their failed attempts at quitting and see that they were just not ready to quit yet.they did not really want to stop smoking like they thought they did.  What they wanted at the time, was they wanted to want to stop smoking, if that makes any sense.  They wished things were different.  But they did not have a genuine desire to change.

It is only after a person has genuinely decided to make a change, on a really deep level, that they are ready to quit smoking.  I do not believe that hypnosis or quit smoking therapies can get a person to this point.  Now even after a person reaches this point, they still might screw up and relapse, which is why things like hypnotherapy to quit smoking can still help a great deal.  But you have to be really ready to stop before you invest your time, money, and effort into a technique like this.


Is it affordable?  Hypnosis for stopping smoking is dirt cheap when you compare it to the cost of smoking.  Add up your cigarette expenditures over the last couple years and then see how much it costs to be hypnotized.  I think you will see which is the better deal! So, as we have considered all the benefits of hypnosis as a way to quit smoking, you now don’t have any excuse to keep smoking!

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